About us


The Sustainability of the consortium is based on an investment portfolio that focuses on Blockchain technology in the form of Crypto currencies being the major allocation apart from traditional investment strategies


Property portfolio is based on modern apartments targeted at middle to low class earners located in central Gauteng.


A supply chain which plans, implements and controls the efficient and effective services to achieve customer satisfaction.


A dynamic service that strives for excellence, quality and professional service.

Mncedisi Soko, B-ING Honors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Director Mncedisi Soko is a helper and a visionary who believes in making a difference in everyday modern life. He always makes sure he applies an analytic approach in everything he applies his mind to and considering that he's a qualified engineer hence problem-solving is his Forte. The mission statement is to help the needy and improve people's lives for everyday living.  

Mncedisi Soko

Busisiwe Soko BA Humanities- Director  Busisiwe is a qualified humanitarian, and an entrepreneur at heart. She strives to achieve businesses objectives in the most efficient and cost effective way. Her experience intensive research at university has motivated her to assist businesses in obtaining advanced innovations to improve their system. Her passion in humanities helps businesses to achieve tax relief by getting involved in welfare.

Busisiwe Soko

Danny is an artistic individual with a high trait for attention to detail. Exposed to the business world since a toddler, it is no surprise that his passion and soul purpose is to create a difference by adding value to his clients businesses by, providing beyond expectations and also increasing their profits more than they thought possible. His soul purpose is not only to create jobs and make a profit but he is an entrepreneur that wants to enrich business and working hard to create a remarkable difference.

Danny Mokoena